Sheep Toss

Clyde is a clever dog. He watches Shep, the other sheep dog, work hard all day herding sheep whilst he dozes in his master’s hammock. When the day is almost over clever Clyde has an idea. Tossing sheep! Clyde loads a sheep onto his hammock and fires it way up in the air and over a great distance into the empty paddock.

Sheep Toss is an easy to play and fun game where the player has to toss sheep into a pen by shooting them over great distance using a hammock. In a similar way to a golf game, the player must take into account such things as wind, bounce or the slope of the course. The game is portrayed in a lively and cute style with characters such as Clyde the dog and various sheep and will appeal to younger and casual players.

Commissioned by Adobe Systems, Inc


Technical details 

Created using Adobe Shockwave

Available on:  iPad, Mac OS & Web Shockwave 3D

Commissioned by Adobe Systems, Inc

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